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General Information About The Call MD PLUS Medical Discount Plans

Call MD Plus Basic- $19.95/month
Provides twenty-four hour, national access to physician consultative services to our member clients who for varying reasons are unable to obtain medical advice or care from their primary care physician. Also included is LifeEvents™ Counseling.

Call MD Plus Ultimate- $49.90/month
Everything included in the Basic plan plus: Ultimate health discount program, powered by OptumHealth Allies. Call MD Plus Ultimate is not insurance; it's a discount program that lets you save 10-25% on many health and wellness products and services from a nationwide network of over 500,000 doctors and other health care professionals. Also included is LifeEvents™ Counseling.

Call MD Plus VIP- $99.90/month
Everything included in the ULTIMATE plan plus:
No cost consultation fees
Discount Legal Protection
Tax Preparation & Advice
Identity Theft Solutions
LifeEvents™ Counseling
Financial Education & Credit Counseling
Patient Advocacy

* Basic and Ultimate Plans Add $35 fee for each Doctor consultation. Consultation fees incurred during this period cannot be refunded. CallMD, Call MD Plus and Call MD Plus Ultimate are not health insurance products.

All Programs for Members Include
Call MD Plus is pleased to provide to its members at no additional cost, our "One on One" Nurse Line. This membership feature allows members to ask questions and receive information about their health, illnesses and medications. Proven informational health program combines a confidential, non-directive healthcare decision counseling by registered nurses, with credentialed medical information. Access to registered nurses 24 hours a day.


FileMD is a HIPAA compliant electronic medical record (EMR) storage and retrieval system. With the assistance of a Registered Nurse, members have the convenience of accessing and releasing critical health information, updating records, and storing documents including insurance information, emergency contacts, medical bills, legal documents (Living Will, Power of Attorney and Parental Consent Forms) in one safe, central location. Secure, confidential access for members is available 24/7 via a Nurse on a toll free line, or by fax or Internet. Call MD Plus physicians also use FileMD to access and update medical circumstances whenever members use the Call MD service.)

Businesses/Corporations & Educational Facilities Can Use Our Programs

  • Just a $30.00 annual Fee For the Program.
  • Beneficial to Employers, Employees, Students & Faculty.  
  • May be offered to employees as an option through Human Resource.
  • Affordable paid benefit may boost enrollment, morale, attendance & wellness.
  • Use it as a marketing tool, to retain valuable personnel, attract new students, reward clients.

A Non-Profit (501)c Can Benefit Greatly

  • NO COST to the Non-Profit Entity
  • Full Support & Earnings Accountability
  • Excellent Program Creates Ongoing SUSTAINABLE Residuals Monthly
  • Offers Real Value and A Much Needed Service to Contributors. 
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